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Inspired Wellness

Boot Camps

Enjoy an innovative and powerful group workout
centered around intense, efficient and educational
training methods. Each routine is scalable for all





Stay connected with your very own Inspired
Wellness health consultant 24/7. Our customized
online services include cutting edge fitness,
nutrition and wellness programs.




Maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle with our
coaching. We use a natural, holistic approach to
bring every area of your wellness into alignment.




Learn about the Inspired Wellness method and
enjoy a customized plan designed just for you.
Plus, we don't require the use of a gym; learn
how to maintain your results from anywhere.


Corporate Wellness

Enjoy the increased productivity and enhanced wellness from keeping your employees
in shape and healthy while building the strength of your team as a whole.


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Get Fit Challenge

Give us 6 weeks and we'll change your life.

Includes our Cleanse30 nutrition reset!

Unlimited fitness, delicious clean eating without calorie counting and so much more. 

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21 Days For $30

Enroll today and experience our unique wellness community!

7 Day meal plan, unlimited workouts and more!

Get started on your new journey.

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The Inspired Wellness Experience

Learn about how our unique approach has changed thousands of lives.

The Inspired Wellness Difference

Learn about what sets us apart.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Guaranteed Results
  • Drop 5-20lbs First 30 Days
  • Escape Calorie Counting
  • All Natural Approach
  • Learn The “Why” Behind It All
  • Most In-Depth Assessment In The Industry
  • Ongoing Support & Community
  • Real Time, Heart Rate Based Training

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