Every month we feature our awesome members. They are inspirational, they rock and we wouldn’t be where we are without their continued support of our wellness movement. Our April Member Profile is Andrea!

What’s your favorite wellness quote?
“You see me struggle, but you’ll never see me quit”.

What are some of your favorite exercises?
Planks, squats, hiking, swimming

What motivates you to stay healthy?
Seeing the results in my workouts/dietary changes. For example, increased strength and abilities, feeling better both physically and mentally, and seeing the physical changes in my body.

What do you do to stay balanced in your daily life (hobbies)?
This is one I’m still learning. My biggest thing is spending time by myself. Whether it’s reading, shopping, or going for a walk. I draw my energy from solitude.

If this food/meal were the last available on Earth and you were the lucky recipient, what would it be?
Hmmm….I’d have to say homemade tacos or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

What are three of your upcoming goals NOW, in one year and in five years?
Now –  starting the IW cleanse; I Year – having submitted my application for grad school; 5 Years – be in or completing a grad school program

What are some songs currently on your playlist?
Cake By the Ocean, DNCE; Might not, Belly; Sorry, Beyonce; Plush, STP

What do you do for fun locally?
Having just moved downtown, I’m all about the happy hours and brunch. During the summer, I spend time at Folsom Lake.

Describe yourself in 3 words:
Smart, Sweet, Sassy

How has Inspired Wellness impacted your life?
First I bought into the boot camp program. Then after joining, the mantra of a well-rounded healthy lifestyle ha changed my perspective on how I want to live. I am a recent empty nester, so I am re-learning how to be just me;my likes, interests, hobbies, etc. It’s helped me navigate my transitional journey.