“In my early 30s, with a family in tow, I got so immersed in day to day routines. Sometimes you get caught up and sometimes you forget yourself and then suddenly realize I am 40+ lbs heavier than when I was at 23! I was pretty active and athletic growing up but when I had my son, I forgot about myself as an individual and my personal passions and focused just on taking care of my family instead of taking care of me. A life changing event happened when my mother passed away and I went into a deep depression. I didn’t know what would become of me. When I had to think about being there for my son in the long run, I had to do something about it. I saw photos of my brother who is also active doing his first triathlon. I was so excited and he inspired me to do a local race. His magic words to me, “You can do it, Sis.” And so my journey to wellness began.

I went to Sham at Inspired Wellness to see how I can fit my needs of losing weight as well as cleaning up my nutrition, with my active lifestyle. I didn’t realize how much of an impact when incorporating his program and heartfelt advice would be. I married my diligent triathlon training with smart choices in nutrition to what I was willing to do to get to that finish line. The results was not only I reached my race weight but I looked and felt better than I was in my 20s. Sometimes you gotta dance your booty off in a Size 4 — the smallest size I have ever been!

I think there was this fire lit inside of me that told me I can do anything. I didn’t even fathom that I can do anything extreme. And most extreme was doing an actual Iron Man race. 140.6 miles and you have to finish in 17 hours or it doesn’t count. That was my main goal: to get to the finish line. To me, there is no better sense of accomplishment in life than finishing the Iron Man. If I can challenge myself to Iron Man, then I can do anything in life. I also love competing in Australian Rules Football. I am capable of playing a demanding, yet very physical sport, with people who didn’t realize how old I was. Aussie Rules, or ‘Footy’, challenges me to explore my limits. I haven’t found them yet. Now I will am looking forward to training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and what a better way to bond with my son.

My secret to wellness success is having a personal mantra. You got stick to what you believe in. When I had a big race or event, I wrote positive phrases on my arms to encourage myself during the darkest and hardest parts of racing. I also have a white board near the doorway to write quotes and inspirations that speak to me. So when I am about to leave, they serve as a reminder to have a certain mental mindset and keep myself positive and motivated. We all lose motivation on many occasions, but also remember: do not let yourself slip further into it. Start slowly, be KIND to yourself, and build at your own pace. Remember your dream. Finding that hunger again and building it is a gorgeous, energetic feeling. A very beautiful feeling!!”

Gay B., Laboratory Technician and Mother of 13 year old son