“Beside symptoms of back pain, I was obese and irritable. I felt tired all the time. I suffered from acid reflux disease, hot flashes, night sweats and I had trouble sleeping. I had no life because I spent my weekends resting and recovering from the work week. I’m also my 92 year old mother’s caregiver and she needs to be supervised due to her poor health.

In the past, I had several personal trainers to motivate me. However, the chronic fatigue made it extremely difficult to continue working out. I always hated working out because I was tired all the time. I would complain about the fatigue but neither the trainer nor the doctor could solve the problem. I always lost interest in working out because I was always tired. I would get sick and give up. So I tried acupuncture with Chinese herbs (yuck), chiropractic care, Holistic Health practices via Nutritional Response Testing, taking supplements, as well as whole body cleanse programs. They all promised a lifetime of health by addressing the following factors: nutritional deficiencies, poor diet, food allergies or sensitivities, candida overgrowth and environmental toxins. I spent a lot of money diligently trying these programs that included diet and exercise and nothing was solving my problem.

I visited Inspired Wellness three times before I became a member. Sham and Christina both told me to show up for a boot camp. It took about year to get there because I knew it was going to hurt. But I finally showed up to a Saturday morning boot camp because I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. In the beginning, I felt embarrassed because I couldn’t do much.

I thought the program was extreme and I doubted that I could do it successfully. However, my thoughts were if I don’t do something different, then nothing will change and I will continue feeling lousy. I knew I had to fully commit to get a different result. I began regular weekly appointments with Sham that included information and support that helped me to keep showing up and changing my life.

Although I felt butterflies in my stomach and I was very sore, I kept showing up because I didn’t want to start all over again and experience the pain and sluggishness. I knew I was going to feel better, so I kept doing what was recommended by Sham and the trainers. Even though I was busy with work and my mother, I made it a priority to workout four times a week because I was determined to feel better.

After the first month, I was amazed with the dramatic changes in my body: loss of inches, weight, and body fat. This fed the fuel to keep me fully committed and avoid starting over.

Since I began working with Sham and Inspired Wellness, I now have energy to accomplish my tasks during the week and I got my life back.”

Belle P., Analyst