Let’s be real. Pretty much everyone indulges during the holidays. Be it the merry traditions, peer pressure or the delicious smell of family favorites wafting from the kitchen, we understand that sticking to your clean eating plan can feel doomed from the start and cause anxiety. Let us tame that unrest by reminding you that you’re human and if you choose not to follow your clean eating plan 100% this Thanksgiving, it’s okay.

Just don’t let a day become a couple days that becomes a couple weeks that becomes a year, and before you know it you’re not sure how you “fell off the wagon” again. Don’t spiral; stay in control and enjoy your indulgences instead of letting them become a domino of decisions that leave you feeling defeated.

We want you to feel empowered, always, in whatever you do so we’re arming you with helpful tips to make this Thanksgiving guilt free so you can get back to your healthy habits in a snap. Take a look …

Tip: Be the host!

This is a great way to have more control over the day’s eats, as you’ll be the one in charge! You can make several of your favorite healthy dishes (perhaps a refreshing take on comfort food without all the harmful chemicals and overly processed ingredients). It’s fun to experiment and try new things. You’ll inspire your guests with nourishing food that’s on the healthy spectrum and still tastes yummy.

Tip: Prepare and bring healthy snacks.

Sure, you’ll get some snark from that random cousin who always likes to comment on your health nut ways, but who cares 😉 Bust out the Pyrex and enjoy every bite and don’t make a big scene out of it. Often times, people in our lives make comments and try to encourage us to join them because A) No one likes to do something alone and B) They may secretly feel insecure about their personal health struggles. Either way, it’s not your burden to bear. Be there for them when they’re ready, and stay true to your personal commitments.

Tip: Get back to your healthy ways ASAP.

The secret to getting started? There is no secret, you just do! The next day start eating healthy again and get back into your usual routine. Seems simple, but how many of us can say we follow this rule? It’s easy for Thanksgiving to become a weeklong deep dive into indulgence, so beware of the trap and make a decision in advance to avoid it.

Tip: Leftovers? Who needs em!

Instead of keeping the goods for yourself, give them away or just don’t take any home. Even better, be charitable and head out to a local park to give to the homeless or stop by a local food bank (you may want to call ahead to see what their policies are on opened food).

Tip: Don’t go “all-in” on empty calories.

Here’s looking at you, alcohol. The reason to avoid and/or limit alcohol is two fold: not only are the calories just not worth it when compared to all the day’s goodness, but alcohol tends to lower our decision making ability and lead to over-indulgence. It also messes with blood sugar which further perpetuates the issue. We recommend setting a limit of two drinks.

Tip: Stay active!

Encourage everyone to go for a walk after the meal instead of just sitting there letting the food settle in your bellies. Quality time + activity = a winning combo! If you’re staying for a few days or more, get everyone on the daily exercise train by organizing a thirty minute group workout each morning, scaled for all levels of course 🙂

Tip: Be Mindful

Think: what’s really worth it, and what’s not? You can have bread rolls any time of the year. But that delicious homemade pie? Not so much. Decide what is truly a decadent indulgence, enjoy every bite and move on … no lingering around the table fighting with yourself internally!

Tip: Do it tapas style.

Instead of heaping huge portions onto your plate, think of your meal in terms of a sample platter. A little of this, a little of that. Bonus: you’ll have more room in your tummy to try more things! There’s nothing worse than feeling absolutely STUFFED and realizing you missed out on one of your favorite dishes … and now have zero room.

Above all else, get intentional about your mental preparedness for the day! Remember that you LOVE your body and want to put things in it that are nourishing the majority of the time (think 90/10). When you indulge, do so because it truly tastes amazing (we still recommend avoiding the processed stuff whenever possible) and it’s an experience you’re consciously choosing – not mindless munching in a desperate attempt to make up for all the “bad” decisions you HAVEN’T been making lately when it comes to food. No matter if it’s a holiday or just another day, always remember that you are in the driver’s seat.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the day with your loved ones! What dish are you looking forward to? Share with us in the comments!

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