At Inspired Wellness we believe in the intensity principal; efficient workouts tailored specifically for you that inspire growth in your success as our client! We help you strive for constant evolution of your personal best and don’t believe in hours and hours at the gym with results that have a ceiling, nor is the need for a gym stressed at all!

Our workouts create the ability to achieve and maintain results no matter where you happen to be, incorporating innovative methods in the design of our workouts that include hybrid circuit training, max interval training, corrective exercise training and workouts with an emphasis on EPOC [Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption] for optimal weight loss. We offer one-on-one, semi-private and group training. The goal is to make your workouts work for you long after your session is done.

In addition to a detailed consultation you are taken through three core stages of our “Guaranteed Results” program. Why the name? Because not one client to date has completed our program and not seen impressive results. Not only is it easy to follow, but it incorporates elements of your daily life and achieves the goal of helping you succeed realistically.

Time is a common variable for failure, and that’s why our workouts are never more than 45 minutes long. The program is based around efficiency and intensity, with the same caloric burn in thirty to forty minutes that you would usually see in ninety or more. Below is a description of the three core phases you are taken through as part of your new client orientation:

Assessment Phase

Being able to search for issues that have limited the client’s current success or which may cause problems in the future. These issues can include old injuries, muscle deviations, weaknesses, tight muscles, trigger points and more.

Corrective Exercise Phase

In this phase the aim is to correct the issues discovered during the Assessment Phase. These phases are fully customized and unique to each individual and his/her specific needs. Clients will then learn how to maintain their “new body” through techniques that can be performed during normal activities of daily living.

These techniques include, but are not limited to:

  • Postural techniques on how to walk, stand, and sit to prevent deviations from occurring again.
  • Soft tissue exercises such as core, flexibility, and mobility will be taught and can be performed anywhere to help educate the client on how to maintain his/her results. This is critical and a step most neglect as it will allow the body to feel better and move the way in which it was designed.

These exercises offer the safest and most efficient results possible, and It will allow us to help the client reach his/her full potential. The Corrective Exercise Phase can be implemented during our training program so there are no setbacks or wasted time.

Training Phase

This phase allows us to take a client’s “new body” and work toward his/her goals safely and efficiently. The workouts consist of a unique hybrid interval training style that promotes maximized fat burn and muscle gain based on a strength and conditioning system. The workouts are constantly varied, if not randomized, functional movements executed at a high intensity. The training style allows clients to succeed without the guesswork; no more wasting money on diet pills, surgery or the latest craze.

By paying attention to detail, clients learn how to achieve goals correctly. This includes grocery shopping techniques, nutrition label reading, stress management, sleep patterns, digestive issues, chronic diseases, past and present injuries, postural assessment, core training, nutrient timing and much more.

The training style is geared towards progression and making sure clients are safe and in optimal positions, which will make them more efficient at achieving their goals. The approach is simple at finding the complex things which might prevent you from achieving the body of your dreams. We uncover everything that would prevent you from achieving your goals, identify it and then educate you on how to correct it permanently.

Contact us today for a free consultation and get the ball rolling on a brand new you!