Lost 11 pounds and GAINED new life skills

Joanna completed our Get Fit Challenge and we're proud of her success! In less than 6 weeks (we did a checkpoint before the end of her challenge) she lost: ✅11.4 pounds ✅2.6% body fat ✅5.5 [...]

Made her new eating habits a lifestyle and dropped 20 pounds!

As I was indulging in a midnight snack and perusing Facebook one night, I came across an Inspired Wellness post asking for applications for a 30 day cleanse and Boot Camp.  I thought "why not, nothing I [...]

Lost 25lbs and committed to making healthy choices!

"On August 3, 2017, I began my fitness journey with Inspired Wellness.  At that time, I had been married 7 wonderful years, and had two sweet and cuddly little boys (ages 2 and 4), but [...]

Down 45lbs and enjoying her new lifestyle!

"I have struggled with my weight since puberty.  When I was younger I was able to keep it in check by being very careful about what I ate, but after age 40 I felt I [...]

Down 100 pounds and feeling AH-mazing!

"It's been a few years, a lot of sweat and hard work. Not done yet but getting there. Currently, I'm down 100 lbs from my highest weight, almost 80 lbs since starting with Sham Sanghera. [...]

Created a new lifestyle AND lost weight!

"Being thin has always been a dream of mine and with that the search for the perfect program continued. After trying so many, I decided to give "real food" a try and boy am glad [...]

Lost 220 Lbs!

Lost over 40lbs and got her life back!

"Beside symptoms of back pain, I was obese and irritable. I felt tired all the time. I suffered from acid reflux disease, hot flashes, night sweats and I had trouble sleeping. I had no life [...]

Lost 40+ pounds and improved athleticism!

“In my early 30s, with a family in tow, I got so immersed in day to day routines. Sometimes you get caught up and sometimes you forget yourself and then suddenly realize I am 40+ [...]

Over 75lb weight loss and 20 total inches!

“I first met Sham in March 2009. I was very over weight and unhappy. But I was at the point in my life where I finally hit my Over 60 lb weight loss and 9 [...]

Lost over 44 pounds and 20 inches!

"Hello, my name is Christina, and I am 32 years old. I am currently employed as a legal secretary for a law firm in Sacramento. My journey with Sham started in October 2009, but let [...]

Stronger, anxiety reduced and enjoying her new lifestyle!

Stronger, anxiety reduced and enjoying her new lifestyle! “This place is just the best. After struggling for years with unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, weight gain, and anxiety, Sham and Christina taught me how [...]

Graduate of our Lifestyle Transformation program!

Graduate of our Lifestyle Transformation program! "When I committed to get healthier, I was uncertain that I would find a group fitness studio that would be led by people who care about their clients on [...]

25+ pound weight loss and heart burn gone!

“I was skeptical at first, assuming this was just another fad and I may lose some weight, but as soon as I stopped it would come right back. After doing the cleanse, I lost 15 [...]

Reached her goals and adopted a new, healthy lifestyle!

“I came to Inspired Wellness as my last attempt at achieving the healthy lifestyle I knew I was capable of, but somehow kept missing the boat. Everyone promises to change your life, but this has [...]