Every month we feature our awesome members. They are inspirational, they rock and we wouldn’t be where we are without their continued support of our wellness movement. Our December Member Profile is Kristina!

What’s your favorite wellness quote?
 “The conversation is no longer about skinniness. It’s about wellness. A much more exciting conversation to have”-Alexx Stuart

What are some of your favorite exercises?
I like exercises that include cardio like jump squats and burpees.

What motivates you to stay healthy?
I love the feeling of being strong and being able to accomplish things that in the past would have put my back in severe pain for multiple days.

What do you do to stay balanced in your daily life (hobbies)?
Coaching rugby, riding motorcycles, house projects and being in the woods!

If this food/meal were the last available on Earth and you were the lucky recipient, what would it be?
Give me all of the sushi!

What are three of your upcoming goals NOW, in one year and in five years?
Now – continue strengthening my core and loosening my hip flexors. 1 year – look at my diet and start taking better consideration into what I am putting into my body to fuel it properly. 5 years – be pain free! And maybe take my rugby cleats off the hanger

What are some songs currently on your playlist?
90’s and bluegrass country is where it’s at! But for gym sessions, I’m all about that 90’s and early 2000’s pop, R&B, rap. Talk about nostalgic!

What do you do for fun locally?
I enjoy boating on the river or Folsom Lake, hiking, biking and exploring Sac’s abundant food and craft beer scene. As long as I can bring my pups I am in!

Describe yourself in 3 words:
Passionate about life!

How has Inspired Wellness impacted your life?
Inspired Wellness has absolutely changed my life. This time last year I couldn’t do anything that involved repetitive rotation or impact to my back (house projects that involved shovels, impact from holding a hit pad at rugby practice, hitting golf balls at a driving range). There were instances where I couldn’t get out of bed the next morning because I was in such severe pain. All of the things I used to be able to do with ease had become so incredibly difficult. I was depressed and frustrated. I had tried working out at home but could never stick with it because it was painful and discouraging. I was afraid to join a gym because I knew I was weak and would have to modify everything. That fear dissipated when I walked into Inspired Wellness. The atmosphere, the people and the reminders that the only one you are working for and against is yourself. It completely changed my mentality about fitness. I didn’t need to be better or get more reps in than the person next to me. I just needed to challenge myself! I love this gym! Thank you for changing my life.